The Golden Years May Become Scary

The Social Security Administration recently announced that for 2016 there would be no “cost of living adjustment” (COLA) to retirement payments. The reason is simple, congress set the COLA based on performance of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI failed to grow enough to trigger the COLA for those of us on social security. [...]

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See What The Insurance Industry Has Planned For Us

Remember HAL in 2001, a Space Odyssey? It seemed at the time that space travel was something for the movies and yet, look what has happened. The future they say is now. That is going to be the truth for our industry, the annuity, life insurance and long-term care insurance industry. The future will belong [...]

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Your Broker Wants You To Know All Quiet On The Western Front

If you haven’t ready the colossal epic book about WWI, All Quiet on the Western Front, you might want to give it a go. Erich Remarque's novel about the horrors of war and the effort to remain alive while both witnessing and causing indescribable carnage is intense. The book catapults you to that time and [...]

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4 Strategies To Reduce Volatility In Your Retirement Portfolio

I have been asked recently what how the current volatility of the stock market will affect the interest in annuities. Of course the obvious answer to avoid instability is to get out of the market, most people are fearful of that. While the issue of volatility is clear, greed and desire to make more and [...]

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Baby Boomers And Mortgage Debt

I remember when our church in Emmett Idaho finally was able to retire the mortgage. Our parish had a pot luck dinner; several parish members spoke, including my mother, and then a ceremony to burn the mortgage. I was 11 years old then and knew nothing of money or a mortgage, what I do remember [...]

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Healthcare And The Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomers are overpowering the health care system   For over 100 years the discussion of a national health care system in America has been both a hot and cold discussion. As president, Theodore Roosevelt first suggested the idea of a health care system that would be available for all Americans. In fact, as [...]

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