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With the nightly news comes the report on the day’s happenings in our national stock markets. Every day brings what has happened to America’s investments. The movement in the market affects more than 50% of America’s retirement funds. Some days it increases and some days it decreases. Many “experts” will sell you on the idea [...]

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Baby Boomers Will Be Have To Pay A Higher Percentage For Their Medical Care

Recently a large financial services company suggested that each retiree beginning at age 65 and using Medicare as their chosen health insurance protection vehicle could face an out of pocket expense of over $240,000 during their lifetime. The amount needed is expected to be a huge factor in determining how much should be set aside [...]

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Physicians And The Affordable Care Act

Increasingly, medical providers are making the decision to not handle Medicare patients any longer; instead they are offering the services to those over age 65 with their true cost of services being billed. The Medicare enrollee has no viable option of asking Medicare for reimbursement and is faced with a choice, pay or go. With [...]

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Dental Care and the Baby Boomer Generation

Good oral health care is synonymous with overall good health, as a matter of fact, good oral hygiene is essential to wellbeing. By not caring properly for your teeth can mean a buildup of bacteria leading to a myriad of diseases including gum disease. Also, small droplets of saliva from a non-protected mouth have been [...]

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Will Hit 30,000

I remember well that statement being made at a financial convention years ago, the speaker followed up his announcement with this: “I just don’t know when!” It seems that the stock market is always going up and yet his past few days something odd has happened, it has dropped, dropped like a rock. Immediately after [...]

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Nightmare On Easy Street

A recent report about retirement confidence from the Employee Benefit Research Institute found a widespread concern over the future, the future in retirement income, the future of social security and the future of Medicare. Click here for the entire report and their opening brief: http://www.ebri.org/publications/ib/index.cfm?fa=ibDisp&content_id=5513 Here is an insert from their opening brief: The 2015 [...]

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Prime Notes Are Prime Fraud

In a recent notice the SEC warned of “Prime Bank Notes” being promoted as high yield bank alternatives are not real. These offerings prey upon investors desiring a higher rate of return than is available through conventional channels. Along with the higher interest the “prime” notes also testify to their safety and lack of market [...]

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It’s What You Keep That Counts

Have you ever thought about that? If you knew that you would never lose your money, what type of investment would you choose? The fact that you are exempt from a loss would free you of the worry of concern about any investment, you would merely choose a category that potentially had the greatest growth. [...]

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The Longer You Live The Longer You Live

By Bill Broich In 1994, amateur economist and investment manager William P. Bengen wrote his famous thesis about withdrawal rates from accumulated funds in calculating retirement income. Here is the link: http://www.retailinvestor.org/pdf/Bengen1.pdf Over the years and due to the financial meltdown of 2008, the amount of withdrawal has been reviewed by many planners as well [...]

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