Is it time for Your Company’s 401(k) Plan’s Annual Checkup?

Every night on the nightly news it seems there is bad news about retirement plans especially 401(k)s. The US Department of Labor has established new rules about the fees, disclosures and management of these very popular retirement products. More rules are expected in May of 2016 which will outline the role of a financial advisor [...]

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Why You Should Always Welcome an Audit.

Have you ever considered the benefit of an audit? Not an IRS audit but a life insurance audit. As our life evolves and changes, so may our need for life insurance. Possibly a policy was purchased to cover a mortgage obligation and now that is not the situation. We change, and we evolve. It’s difficult [...]

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10 Solid Reasons To Consider An Annuity For Your Retirement Foundation

Annuities aren’t for everyone; you have seen me write about that often. But when you are putting together your “bedrock” foundation for your retirement plan, they can be essential to that planning. Think of layering, this about safety and security as your foundation. The very bottom you your foundation is Social Security, fully guaranteed income [...]

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The Flip Phone Evolution To ROBO Advisors

By Bill Broich Remember when we all had flip cell phones? That technology has been replaced with newer better “smartphones.” It wasn’t that long ago that this revolution began and now each year we eagerly await the latest edition of iPhone 10. This has been accomplished in less than 10 years, 10 years of a [...]

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Buy An Annuity And Earn 8%

By Bill Broich I am sure you have seen the ads for these possible rates of returns. In fact, Google to word "Annuity" and feast your eyes on how much money you can earn by investing in an annuity. Wow, these are very high rates of interest when you consider banks pay 1%, and US [...]

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Solve The Retirement Solution By Climbing A Ladder

By Bill Broich Win the low interest rate war with this easy and safe approach to retirement planning. Planning for retirement?  Confused about what to do?  Should you leave your assets in growth mode or are you ready to run to safety?  These questions have no real right answer, the solution depends on your situation [...]

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