Shall We Provide Advice Or Should We Be Computers?

By Bill Broich Have you ever wondered why some people are more educated than others?  How is it that some are naturally more financially alert than others? We as agents are soon to be faced with this dilemma; do we educate and convince others about the benefits of annuities or do keep quiet for fear [...]

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Important Legal Documents Needed For Death or Disability

Have you ever wondered what documents might be needed in the event of death or a disability? Listed below are 15 essential documents from the website Funeral Resources: Christopher P. Hill, the owner of Funeral Resources is an expert on this topic and his website is extremely helpful and a great place to investigate [...]

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Assets Under Management Fees and Expenses

By Bill Broich In the past, financial planners, stock brokers and financial advisors used assets under management as a revenue source.  It works this way:  the client has $500,000 invested with the advisor and even though some of the assets may have been acquired with some level of load (sales charge) the advisor charges a [...]

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If You Don’t Want To Be A Fool Quit Acting Like One

By Bill Broich Recently, a well-known financial columnist suggested that annuities were a “foolish” choice. He went on to make several points to build support for his position and to gain attention for himself.  This person makes his living by being contrary, by suggesting the normal way of business is not accurate.  He does it [...]

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The Federal Government And Their Slow Creep Over Our Lives

By Bill Broich At a speech recently SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar suggested the need for more federal government oversight for the annuity industry. Not the variable annuity industry that the SEC currently regulates but the annuity industry managed by each individual state Department of Insurance (DOL). His decision was based on the amount of [...]

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Where Have All The Bankers Gone?

By Bill Broich The old Peter, Paul and Mary song “Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing” reflects the changing times centered on the Viet Nam war.  Times changed and where did they go, what has happened?  I think we are in the middle of another change, a change about how we do [...]

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Are Your Boomerang Kids Retiring With You?

by Bill Broich Have you delayed retirement because the obligation to raise and educate your children stayed way to long, long after college? Don’t feel alone, many Baby Boomers are experiencing exactly the same “retirement” that you might be facing. Many Baby Boomers have delayed retirement simply because of the need for a higher income, [...]

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