Shall We Provide Advice Or Should We Be Computers?

By Bill Broich Have you ever wondered why some people are more educated than others?  How is it that some are naturally more financially alert than others? We as agents are soon to be faced with this dilemma; do we educate and convince others about the benefits of annuities or do keep quiet for fear [...]

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The Federal Government And Their Slow Creep Over Our Lives

The Federal Government needs to respect States Rights  At a speech recently SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar suggested the need for more federal government oversight for the annuity industry. Not the variable annuity industry that the SEC currently regulates but the annuity industry managed by each state Department of Insurance (DOL). His decision was based [...]

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Creditor Protection: The Annuity Option

With current bankruptcy laws making it more difficult to qualify for debt relief on still available avenue could be the use of an annuity. In some states the income from an annuity payment is protected from creditors. Each state is different and many states have had these laws come under fire because of lawsuits. It is important to always ask for legal and tax advice when considering using an annuity as a protected asset.

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Are Your Boomerang Kids Retiring With You?

by Bill Broich Have you delayed retirement because the obligation to raise and educate your children stayed way to long, long after college? Don’t feel alone, many Baby Boomers are experiencing exactly the same “retirement” that you might be facing. Many Baby Boomers have delayed retirement simply because of the need for a higher income, [...]

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