The Times They Are A Changin For Annuities

By Bill Broich I remember the early years in Olympia Washington learning to sell annuities, it was tough.  Not only tough for me but tough for anyone who was anything other than a “stockbroker”.  Not only were our products not fully developed but we were the “ugly” stepchild of the financial world. Annuities were considered a second [...]

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Higher Medicare Premiums Are Coming

By Bill Broich Beginning in 2014, new rules were put in place governing the premiums paid for higher earners. If adjusted gross income (AGI) (which includes earned interest and tax exempt interest (municipal bonds) is over $85,000 for single taxpayers or $170,000 for married couples, they will be subject to the income related monthly adjustment [...]

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20 Questions To Ask When Interviewing Annuity Agents

Finding a competent annuity salesperson is not especially easy.   The reason is simple, for many advisors or agents, annuities are a secondary business. Agents specialize in life insurance, long term care insurance and only handle annuities as an add on. Finding a real expert about annuities requires interviewing agents and asking questions. It isn’t [...]

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