12-04-14 Social Security Updates for 2015

Blogging is important for building relationships and generating leads.  Changes for social security for 2015 are announced. Editorial about SEC "Sunshine" laws.  Joe Rych discusses the Off Week drip and how to generate sales using Retire Village.  David Winer shows us how he made a $1,000,ooo sale.  6 ways to remove funds from a 401(K). [...]

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Do You Know And Understand Your Risk Tolerance

What does risk mean when it is concerning your retirement accounts? How do you determine your risk exposure? When considering risk decisions regarding retirement accounts the two most important factors are your current age and the number of years before you retire because as you age, you have fewer years to recoup market losses. Moving to more stable and safe options as we age can help remove the risk factor on a portion of your accounts.

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