Depression And Worry For Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are afraid of more than not being able to retire comfortably. They’re also afraid they won’t be able to afford necessary health care or even making ends meet. And as if that’s not enough, they’re also worried that their kids (or grandkids) will be moving back home.

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Look Out For The Falling Stock Market

America was built on free enterprise and the drive for profit, but at what cost does that profit cost, not in bottom line numbers but in human sacrifice? This is not a liberal communist criticism of our system; it is merely a reflection of the changes we have seen these past 20 years.

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Look Before You Leap Into Corporate Bonds

Considering using bonds for investing in your retirement account? Before you make any commitments, take time to understand exactly how cooperate bonds work, the benefits they offer and the restrictions associated with them.

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Record Broker Fees

A recent press release from Merrill Lynch announced record revenue based on fee growth; asset management fees of $1.5 billion were up almost 17% from the prior year. Client balances — which include loan balances and deposits at Bank of America —crossed the $2 trillion mark. More advisers, approximately 46%, were serving a majority of their clients in a fee-based relationship, the firm said.

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