When Harry and Sally Met Their 401(k)

I just couldn’t keep my big mouth closed and gave Harry and Sally the report on their 401 (k) annual expenses being charged to manage their funds. These expenses were in addition to the $50 per year administration fees and were tied to the actual account value of the funds in the 401 (k).

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Health Issues and Life Insurance

Health issues such as diabetes, weight problems, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, even if applicants have suffered a heart attack in the past can now be considered for insurance. Information from medical science is now available through many more sources and a fresh understanding of life expectancy makes life insurance underwriting more complete.

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How to Understand Insurance Company Financial Ratings

Insurance companies use private rating companies to determine their financial strength. The rating agencies evaluate the insurance companies as to financial strength to meet their current and future contractual obligations. These include their ability to pay current and future claims and their ability to maintain solvency during uncertain financial times.

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The Stock Market: Rigged or Free?

By Bill Broich A recent 60 Minutes report hosted by Steve Kroft examined how stock trading has been hedged by insiders and allowing them a huge advantage in buying and selling stocks.  The article examines how insider's learned of trades just milliseconds before the actual trade was received by the trading floor.  This is about computers [...]

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