Fixed Indexed Annuity Sales Continue to Soar

Why are FIA making fools of the professional guessers (stockbrokers) who make their living by guessing, guessing what will happen. The answer is quite simple, the driving force behind the FIA explosion are the baby boomers. What do the baby boomers want? Safety, security and stability. What don’t the baby boomers want? Risk, losses, fees and BS.

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Procrastination and Retirement Planning, It Is Time To Take Action

According to a recent survey conducted by LIMRA, one out of four employees age 55 and older answered “no” to the first question, and three out of four answered “no” to the second. That is staggering to me, how could such a large percentage have no clue about this important time of their lives. Understanding basic income and retirement needs seems at the least a very important question.

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