Your Retirement Income. Guaranteed? Or at Risk?

Most people know the amount of money in their retirement plan and as they near retirement the focus on those funds becomes more and more important. Don’t forget the very most important questions you should be asking yourself about your retirement money.

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The 3 Biggest Concerns About Variable Annuities

Variable annuities and fixed annuities are very different creatures. Fixed annuities earn a set rate of interest for a specific time period. Variable annuities invest your funds in separate accounts (sub accounts) that invest in securities such as stocks and bonds, etc. Each separate account will offer specific investment objectives, you select the accounts that will best help you reach your goal. Here are specific points to understand before investing in variable annuities.

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Should I Invest In An Annuity?

I believe that the basis of all long term investing that concern funds for retirement should be in something safe and secure and free of risk. I also believe that a portion of your long term retirement funds should have some degree of risk. With risk comes the possibility of gain, gain can help offset inflation and add to the retirement pot.

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Congress and US (The American People)

A recent opinion poll suggests that the approval rate for congress just set a new record low. The new approval rate for congress as seen by the American people is 10%. Their ridiculous stands are forcing our government to grind to a halt, people will not be paid and services suspended. Is that the only downside? I think it is a far deeper problem, the issue of faith in our elected officials and their ability to do what we elected them for is in deep jeopardy. I am dissatisfied as I am sure you are also.

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