Avoid Unnecessary Probate Expenses and Time Delays With This Simple Planning Tip

When you open a retirement savings account (such as an IRA), you have the option of naming a beneficiary. This beneficiary designee stipulates where these assets will go when you pass away. A beneficiary form commonly takes precedence over a will, because retirement accounts do not fall under probate.

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Are US Treasuries a Smart Bet For You?

US Treasuries are the safest possible place to invest your money. There is nothing on planet earth safer. Treasury bonds are issued and backed by the federal government, the full faith and credit of the United States Government. The advantage is safety; the disadvantage is the yield you may earn can be lower than other investment options. The question to ask is simple, is the lesser yield still sufficient for your needs?

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Is Investing in Bond Mutual Funds a Good Idea? Let’s Look at The Disadvantages

Bond funds have goals for their time period of asset ownership; they can be short, medium and long positions. As bonds in the bond fund mature (or are sold by the fund), they are replaced with new bonds matching the fund goals. For example, a long term government bond fund will always hold long term government bonds. A long position corporate bond fund would also hold long corporate bond funds etc. This is accomplished by selling the bonds they hold as they move towards maturity and replacing them with new bonds that are further away from maturity.

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Mother, Banks and Options to Avoid Poverty

“My mother is sixty-seven-years old and has saved up a half-million dollars in a bank account earning about 1% interest. Obviously, not a very good interest rate. She wasn’t sure what to do to earn more money on her money. Her house was paid off as well as her car. She had been thrifty her entire life, but still felt like she was making a mistake keeping her money in a normal bank account. I want to find a way to help her.”

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Annuities Have Surrender Penalties And That Is A Good Benefit

Annuity contracts allow for 10% of the account value to be withdrawn annually, this can be done all at one or more than once. If an annuity is used as an income stream, surrender penalties are waived. In the event of death almost always surrender penalties are waived for the beneficiary. In addition, most contracts allow for access to the account funds in the event of long term illness or terminal illness.

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Concerned About Trusting An Insurance Company With Your Important Retirement Funds?

How safe is your fixed indexed annuity? Should you trust a fixed indexed annuity with your important retirement funds? What happens if an insurance company were to fail? These and other questions are vitally important and the answers may surprise you.

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Are You Paralyzed About Your Retirement Choices?

Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic Seaboard, the national election has come and gone, but your money is still safe and sound. Think of the simplicity the annuity brings to your life. No fees, no loads, no risk. If fear of management of your own retirement accounts paralyzes you and causes you stress, simply pass it to a risk bearer, an insurance company, and let the annuity provide you a safe and secure income.

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The Chicken, The Egg and Goldilocks

Who came first, the chicken or the egg?     Over the past few years, we’ve seen the ”chicken and egg” cycle continue in the national economy. The Federal Reserve pumps more money into the system and buys vast quantities of U.S. bonds and mortgage-backed securities. This is one reason the stock market took off [...]

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What Does the FDIC Not Guarantee or Insure

We all know that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures our bank deposits.  They are safe and they are guaranteed. We as a nation depend on these guarantees as the financial backbone of our monetary system.  Have you ever wondered what is not insured? Investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, municipal bonds or other securities [...]

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