Volatility, Information, The Stock Market and Annuities

Volatility is what drives the stock market, it changes. As it changes, opportunities exist to make money whether betting on a movement up or a movement down of the market. All that is needed to make the stock market work is volatility and what drives volatility? Information.

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Helping Baby Boomers Plan for Retirement

Most people can get the money they need for retirement without gambling heavily on equities, they just don’t know where to look. I’m in the business of helping Baby Boomers retire and post-retirees stay retired. My clients enjoy a hassle-free retirement; our planning assures safety, lifetime income, and potential for attractive returns—all while maintaining control of your money.

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Annuities for Women

In a 2011 survey asking Baby Boomer-aged women about their retirement plans and their investible assets, single women had substantially less money saved for retirement than did single men. In addition to less money saved for retirement, a high percentage (86%) of women surveyed planned to retire earlier than men.

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