Running Out of Money Before You Run Out Of Life

The devastating effects or living too long (the longevity crisis) and not having enough funds to maintain an anticipated quality of retirement is a real concern. LIMRA reports: The average life expectancy for a person who reaches the age of 65 is 83 for males, 86 for females. LIMRA purports that the proper way to interpret these statistics is to assume half of all males who reach age 65 will live past 83 and half of the females who reach that age will live past 86. Half of all couples who reach age 65 will have one partner hit 90.

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FDIC Insurance: The Basics

Only banks and savings institutions can offer insurance through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. If you purchase an FDIC-insured CD through a stock broker, it should show up on your statement as a CD with the name of the bank. CD’s purchased through stock brokers are “assets held outside the brokerage firm” and it is important to make certain the FDIC guarantee is in place.

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Helping Baby Boomers Plan for Retirement

Most people can get the money they need for retirement without gambling heavily on equities, they just don’t know where to look. I’m in the business of helping Baby Boomers retire and post-retirees stay retired. My clients enjoy a hassle-free retirement; our planning assures safety, lifetime income, and potential for attractive returns—all while maintaining control of your money.

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Annuities for Women

In a 2011 survey asking Baby Boomer-aged women about their retirement plans and their investible assets, single women had substantially less money saved for retirement than did single men. In addition to less money saved for retirement, a high percentage (86%) of women surveyed planned to retire earlier than men.

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