Maximize Your Retirement Options With An IRA Rollover

A rollover is accomplished without any tax liability and is often directly transferred from one custodial to another. In addition to a direct rollover, the owner of the 401 (k) may have the funds sent directly to them and keep them in their possession for a period of 60 days. If the funds are not re-deposited to an IRA during the 60 days, they then become taxable and are no longer considered an IRA.

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The Best Kept Secret in the Financial World

The best kept secret in the investing world is that almost nothing turns out as expected. I would agree. However, with some good old-fashioned American common-sense, it’s not difficult to observe the stock market pattern to this point has been bubble, crash, bubble, crash, bubble, crash…One look at a stock market chart confirms this. We get a new high in the Dow, and then we get a new low in the next crash. That’s been the pattern.

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It’s Not Financial Rocket Science

Since it’s your future, it’s good to know that the companies we recommend can meet their financial obligations and should garner the most trust of all the types of investing. Even in the toughest times of economic downturn faced by American and global concerns, these types of companies have enjoyed steady growth and stability with plans to perpetuate their financial strength and to cover all contractual obligations for hundreds of years—not just the next quarter or fiscal year.

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Home Equity – Reverse Mortgage Loans

Home equity loans have been, until recently, an easy way for Americans to finance their spending. For seniors with mortgage free homes, one of the most popular ways to do this is by means of the reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage allows you to borrow money against the equity of your house, without having to pay it back in installments. The repayment takes place you die, move house or sell it off. A reverse mortgage requires no income proof and the only eligibility criteria is home ownership by a person aged 62 or more.

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Long Run Investments – Stocks vs. Real Estate

Should a long term investor who started in 1985 have stayed in real estate or the stock market? What should an investor today be doing? People who sold their real estate and invested the proceeds into the stock markets just before 1987 got wiped out. The cycle was repeated in 2001. But in 2007-2008, investors are faced with the dismaying prospect of seeing their gains being wiped out in the real estate market.

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Common 401(k) Fee Structures

All 401(k) providers impose fees on top of fund expenses, and smaller companies are the ones who are charged the most. “The fact is, the financial-services industry isn’t donating its services and doing all this work,” says David Wray, president of the Profit Sharing/ 401(k) Council of America.

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Investors, Teenage Girls and Sheep

Investors, teenage girls and sheep, what do they all have in common? Investors read about a hot mutual fund and buy, the problem is the results are from past performance. Hot mutual funds share results that have already happened, the new investors merely shrink the returns. The new owners of the mutual fund have probably missed the boat.

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